Bigger Than Hitler, Better Than Christ

I’m not much of a book person, but today I feel like recommend this book called “Bigger Than Hitler Better Than Christ”. Written by the Rik Mayall, ’tis his autobiography. It’s a hilarious book, I love it. Yet, I’ve been sniffing around the net and found quite a few who didn’t like the book, they were mostly not fans of Rik Mayall. So I guess what I’m really recommending here is that you first become a big fan of Mayall, (this is easy, just downlo-um-buy stuff like The Young Ones, Bottom or Drop Dead Fred, at least do a little youtubeing) , and then you read his amazing book.

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  1. What a truly glorious blog! I truly did enjoy the particular sense of objectiveness and general sanity through the whole rant.*nods*(No, I’ve got nothing better to do)

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