The Plant

“Get a plant and keep it alive.”
Perth 13:37

So, this part of my new year’s resolution is half completed. Kind of. Well, I’ve done the easy bit, the getting-a-plant bit. Now it’s up to me to keep it alive. It will be a challenge. I should at least manage it for a few days. Uum…
Anyways, it needs a name, my plant needs a name!
I thought of calling it: Hank, Yggdrasil, Neil, Pan, Deku, Jesus or simply Plant.

The naming of this plant will be very important, as it’s likely to become my only friend…
Yay! A friend!


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  1. Sounds a bit pessimistic, don’t you think? You’ve got loads of friends, and some of us aren’t even plants. Thought I certainly wish I was one sometimes. Their lives must be so easy…Anyway, good luck on keeping the plant alive. I know I wouldn’t have managed.

  2. Sometimes… plants are BAD friends! bad bad BAD friends! They steal your boyfriends, and eat all the food in your refrigerator ;((( I think jew should name it Hank, seemss to fit.

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