I have a shop on Etsy!

Rana’s Shop of Curiosities

The shop’s actual name is just “Pertrosfoliea”, because I accidental named it that, and you can only change the name once, so I’m afraid to chose something new. I know I want “Rana’s Shop of Curiosities”, but Etsy shop names have to be short and can’t have symbols or even spaces in them. Blarg…

Anywho! I opened a shop! 😀 You’re supposed to have at least 10 items for sale from the beginning, but I don’t have more to sell xD I want to, but I have to make stuff, and that takes me forever. I hope to add one new thing this year at least… hope.

Even though I only have four items in the store I’m setting the prices low. I figure since I have NO experience selling or shipping, and since I want some sells and good reviews for the store:) Also, I’m doing this to have fun, not to get rich.

What do you think? :3
Do you have an Etsy shop or have you bought something from Etsy?


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