What is dropshipping, and what’s bad about it?

Dropshipping is a term for selling products you don’t own. When you order from a dropshipper, the dropshipper place that order to the real seller. The dropshipper earns money as they sell for more than the product really costs.

The images below show an example of a dropshipping store called Dino Bags. They sell bags that look like dinosaurs. A bag costs 34 dollars. On the retail store AliExpress however, the same bags can be found for a little under 18 dollars, including shipping price. That means you pay 16 dollars extra, which goes in the dropshippers pocket. Setting up a dropshipping site is very easy, and promises easy money. The dropshipper never needs to see or handle the goods, and orders are automatically taken and made. It’s not free however, and dropshippers often have to keep pouring money into buying ads to get people to come to their site. This is why there is A LOT of dropshipping ads on the web.

So when you see a cool product that you want to buy, I recommend searching for it on sites like AliExpress first, it can save you a lot of money. You could argue dropshipping is fine, as they help advertise and sell products. But I think it bad for consumers, as we end up buying from some random person trying to make quick money, instead of from the actual sellers. There is no promise of good service, you’ll rarely find real contact information on dropshipping pages.

Screenshot from dropshipping site
Screenshot from retail site

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