I just discovered the magical world of mockups! Or maybe rediscovered, I am getting old.

I’ve downloaded a few (free!) mockup templates from Pixeden and slapped on my newest creations: A vector Link and NES controller.

I made the controller to go with Link, but found the color schemes to clash. Before deciding I prefer them as two separate illustrations, I played with the colors. Fun! Here are some of the different variations I like. Remove the Triforce from the blue guy, and he’s not really Link at all.

Odd Friend Generator

Try generating a friend!

Using Scratch, I’ve made a very simple program that generates a sentence using words from three lists: adjectives, verbs and nouns. Inspired by the sentence “I’m so adjective I verb nouns”. Since Scratch writes text in a speech bubble I made the program also generate a random character, by combining a head, eyes and a mouth. I first drew more interesting, detailed characters, but I found they stole attention from the text. So I only kept the most neutral graphics, which I find works very well.

The result has entertained me immensely! Here are some of my odd friends:


Alien Pet Shop #1

Hey, so I go to college now.
One class I am currently taking is “Introduction to 3D”.
I have to make a terrarium with a creature in it. I have not gotten far past the “gray box model”, but here are some test renders I did, while learning how to use “Arnold render” in Maya.

Trying to tell a story with the model, I have a life supporting box which displays “error”, while inside the terrarium lives the last remains of DNA-life, although not like anything living today. To make the story sadder, the creature has laid eggs. Working title for the project is “Last mother of DNA”.


The little lantern of Lumous

The lantern
Acrylic paint (black and gold)

Today I found this cool little lantern for 50 NOK in TGR.  I have a thing for lanterns, I want them hanging from my ceiling, I want them hanging from my belt. You know, for costumes, mostly. This one being made of plastic instead of metal and glass, makes it light and safe. The LED light flickers like a calm candle light. I saw much potential in it.

I wish they came in black, or other more neutral colors, but alas, they only came in these kinds of bright colors. That means that the green really sticks out if not completely covered, and as I learned, it can show if I hold the lamp against a bright light. I can hopefully fix it later by painting the insides with a thick layer of black paint.


This is how it looked originally.


It opens in the bottom, after a bit of prying. The plastic glass panels slipped out easily, and I sanded one side of them to give a frosted effect. Sanding in a circular motion gives a nice finish, without obvious streaks. I sanded until the whole surface reached it’s maximum frostedness. The more frosted, the better, plus then all the panels looked the same without me having to try to match them.

By taking things apart, it’s easier to work on them, now I don’t have to worry about getting paint on the glass.


Illustraing the differense between the clear and the frosted glass. The light gets spread more evenly, and you can’t see the fake candle, or even that I left the inside green.


I lightly sanded all the surfaces where to be pained. Smooth plastic doesn’t like paint.


I gave it two-three layers of black.


Drybrushed on some dark brown (though that was not necessery), then some gold. The result, in my humble opinion, is a great finish. Much better than it looked, with very little work. And it was easy, anyone can do this. All the paints I used are acrylics. I also removed the metal ring for hanging, it didn’t fit, and made a ring of some dark wire I had.


And now, I have a really cool, mysterious, omnious lantern!

My wizard powers grow stronger.

I have a shop on Etsy!

Rana’s Shop of Curiosities

The shop’s actual name is just “Pertrosfoliea”, because I accidental named it that, and you can only change the name once, so I’m afraid to chose something new. I know I want “Rana’s Shop of Curiosities”, but Etsy shop names have to be short and can’t have symbols or even spaces in them. Blarg…

Anywho! I opened a shop! 😀 You’re supposed to have at least 10 items for sale from the beginning, but I don’t have more to sell xD I want to, but I have to make stuff, and that takes me forever. I hope to add one new thing this year at least… hope.

Even though I only have four items in the store I’m setting the prices low. I figure since I have NO experience selling or shipping, and since I want some sells and good reviews for the store:) Also, I’m doing this to have fun, not to get rich.

What do you think? :3
Do you have an Etsy shop or have you bought something from Etsy?