The Plant

“Get a plant and keep it alive.”
Perth 13:37

So, this part of my new year’s resolution is half completed. Kind of. Well, I’ve done the easy bit, the getting-a-plant bit. Now it’s up to me to keep it alive. It will be a challenge. I should at least manage it for a few days. Uum…
Anyways, it needs a name, my plant needs a name!
I thought of calling it: Hank, Yggdrasil, Neil, Pan, Deku, Jesus or simply Plant.

The naming of this plant will be very important, as it’s likely to become my only friend…
Yay! A friend!


No internet

Today I’d like to blog to you about global warming, but I don’t know the first thing about it. So I’ll write about something else I think. Anyway, the BBC haven’t asked me to write about anything, again, so I’ll write about Nothing. Except, I haven’t got internet where I live, which is a real drag. So I can’t blog when I have something to blog about. Baah:/



The Derren Brown coincidence.
Last year I studied AS psychology, and I failed horribly. But whatever, I still learned about cool stuff, like the Milgram study. The Milgram study was so fascinating that now when I’m a Youtubeaholic, I searched for it. And I kind of found it. The first video that came up was “Milgram Experiment (Derren Brown)“. It was really cool to watch, but who was this Derren Brown? I watched another Derren Brown video, and liked it, so I ended up watching all I could find. Now I love Derren Brown! One of the videos was that zombie game video that I saw on the telly years ago, and could never forget. He’s such a genius!

The Neil Gaiman and Brotherhood 2.0 coincidence.
Last birthday my brother gave me the book “Good Omens” by Terry Pratchett and some guy called Neil Gaiman. But that’s a while ago now, and I still haven’t read it, I’m not really into reading at all. Anyways, these days I tend to hang around in youtubeland. But I also go to school. So I got writing a short story as homework, and I had no idea about how to go about it. So who you gonna call? Youtube! I searched for “short story” on youtube, (for inspiration, not stealing,) and the first thing I found was “Neil Gaiman reads short story“. At the time I couldn’t recall ever hearing about this random guy before, but that short story was pure genius. So I youtubed him some more, but stopped when I found this random video by “vlogbrothers”, it was far from good, but it was so different, it was this guy, (Hank Green,) talking to “Nerdfighters”. What’s nerdfighters!? Who? What Why? What? Huh!? So I started watching their videos. Now I’m up to date with Brotherhood 2.0 !! I’m not sure about this Neil Gaiman yet, but I will now force myself to actually finish “Good Omens”, because; guess what! That’s right, today I received a gift in the mail! I knew it would be a book, but I had no idea which. Only, I though to myself as I was opening it: “I bet it’s a book by that Neil Gaiman dude, and guess what. I was right, it was. So now I have “Neverwhere” by the author who seems to come from everywhere.
Edit: It seems Neil Gaiman is the guy that wrote the Sandman comics. And many years ago my sister gave me a Sandman book, which I really liked. I’ve been so blind!

Visit Brotherhood 2.0
Go nerdfighters!


A study by Pertrosfoliea et al. (2007).

I donโ€™t know…

Say out loud: “Pertrosfoliea is a genius”
Pertrosfoliea really is a genius, there is even scientific proof: You just said so, while doing a scientific experiment!
Pertrosfoliea is a genius.

-Extremely easy to prove.
-Participant is a twat.

Touch Typing

So, amazingly enough, I’ve always only had a vague idea about what touch typing is. Until now, that is. I heard this dude tell this other dude something like “oh gosh, you type so fast, are you using that touch typing method thingy?”. The other dude replied “yes,” or something like that. I thought to myself, “hey!”
So later I did a little googling, (blogger tells me that neither google, googling or googleing is a word, how annoying,) and I found this page:
I guess that now that I master touch typinf, I’ll start tyoung faster. Though I habe to say that I find it much easier than I thpught it would be, and it’s so practical that I thinl it’s strange that
I haben’t thought of it before. Oh well.
Happy typinh, people beings.