Bigger Than Hitler, Better Than Christ

I’m not much of a book person, but today I feel like recommend this book called “Bigger Than Hitler Better Than Christ”. Written by the Rik Mayall, ’tis his autobiography. It’s a hilarious book, I love it. Yet, I’ve been sniffing around the net and found quite a few who didn’t like the book, they were mostly not fans of Rik Mayall. So I guess what I’m really recommending here is that you first become a big fan of Mayall, (this is easy, just downlo-um-buy stuff like The Young Ones, Bottom or Drop Dead Fred, at least do a little youtubeing) , and then you read his amazing book.


We had to write a poem about colours in a English lesson, and I shocked myself! Look at what I wrote, and don’t worry about what I mean with it, I only tried to use as many colours as I possibly could. Am I got a talent or who?

Here it goes, my amazing poem!
And I call it … Colour poem?

In the winter,
blue and silver,
she felt a shiver.
Look up at the eternal darkness,
no bright yellow stars,
to guide her home.

She would be dead,
black, blue,
dried in blood.

The once so reddish brown dirt,
frozen, icy blue. Turned hard.

Then summer comes.
Bright green grass, blue sky, red sun.
The sickly green faces,
of the crowd.